Take the Cake

No need to resort to the bakery counter at Stop and Shop if you’ve waited until the very last minute. Head straight to Take the Cake in Guilford and check their case for a rotating array of 15 classic (and creative) birthday cakes. Available in two sizes, my favorites are Mocha Praline, Carrot Cake and the gluten-free Italian Cherry Pistachio, but there’s tons more to choose from (including the Lemon Coconut, Black Satin Mousse and Chocolate Raspberry, above).
Two sizes are available daily, feeding 8 to 16 ($25 and $50 respectively), but you can order your choice of flavor in larger versions, up to a 1/2 sheet that serves 60. All cakes are baked from only pure, natural ingredients, on premises, and after 24 years, Nancy and her crew have it down. They’ll happily inscribe your cake and top it off with a few fresh flowers.