Ten Useful Apps


Here’s a roundup of ten useful apps that have grabbed a bit of my ever-dwindling attention span.

Makr:  Design, buy and sell your own tees, totes and tattoos. Awesome for big celebrations!

Jauntful: Create shareable, printable city guides and explore others. Coming soon, an The E List/Jauntful collaboration!

Socialist: A social network for the obsessively organized. Create lists for everything from favorite restaurants to books to read.

Post-it Plus: Organize and digitize your post it notes. Genius!

Poshmark: Shop the closets of women across America and sell the stuff you don’t wear.

Tripcase:  Flights, rental cars, reservations and meetings; manage it all in one place.

Rock My Run:  Choose genre, length and BPM and you’re OFF with a custom music mix.

Cookbooth: Document your recipes and share with friends and family.

Skyscanner: Find and compare flights to anywhere from all airlines in a jiffy.

Rhonna Design: Super-cute photo editing app; see illustration above.


Thanks for helping, Allison (my fabulous niece!).