The Camper Guys


Camping Without a Hitch!

Joe and I have been thinking about a camper. Not just any camper, mind you, but an Interstate Air Stream, which is like a super deluxe, tricked out minivan (and yes you can park it on the street!). It’s sort of our mid-life crisis, empty-nester, and second home all wrapped in one. But you just don’t go out and buy one of these things. Especially if you’ve never spent a night in a camper, much less a rollicking camp site. So here’s the plan. Camper Guys in Westbrook will rent us a camper (not an Interstate, unfortunately) and haul it to Hammonasset or another nearby campsite, so we can give the whole experience a go before we invest. Or we can chalk it up to a fun and inexpensive family weekend at the beach! Some of the campers at Camper Guys qualify as glamping, with a full size bed, up to four bunks, and all the kitchen utensils and basics you’ll need. Me, I’ll probably bring a cushy mattress pad and a few fluffy towels. Prices vary depending on the size of camper and how far the haul to the campsite is, but a top-of-the-line, fairly new and fresh one that sleeps six was $580 (including hauling to Hammonasset). Make your campside reservations first, and don’t forget the marshamallows and graham crackers.