The J House Hotel


The masterminds behind The J House Hotel have obliterated every shred of its previous incarnation as a decaying Ho Jo’s and there’s not a whiff of clam strip to be found. For a nearby getaway, head here for an overnight and treat yourself to a high tech, yet cozy, hiatus. At first glance, the rooms are spare and straightforward but the iPad docked by the Frette-dressed bed is the first clue that there’s something unusual up.

I passed the slim, frameless slab of mirror a few times before I realized it was a Samsung Smart TV (WANT one) and was endlessly amused by the pushbutton controls for various lighting choices, blackout or privacy shades and temperature, all handily bedside.

The bath, enclosed in frosted glass, is an oasis of Kohler fixtures and recycled glass tile. It’s all good, but the thing that riveted me was the toilet. Brush past it and the cover opens. Sit on the toasty seat and scrutinize your options: front cleansing, rear cleansing, pulsate, oscillate?? Yikes. It’s a wonder anyone makes it to dinner. But don’t be late, because the restaurant, eleven 14 Kitchen is lovely. More below.

Rates start at $199/night. Fall Foliage Weekend Special is a bargain $329 for two nights including breakfast.