The Possibility Experience


One of the hardest parts for me about the entrepreneurial life is being able to capitalize on your strengths while somehow overcoming your weaknesses. There are a few things I’ve never been good at (delegating! managing!), but I conquer these shortcomings by powering through and generally just doing whatever needs to be done myself. Lately, this system isn’t working out so well for me. So just when I’m at my wit’s end, knowing full well I’ve got to make some changes, the universe delivered Ellen Wasyl to me. An executive and personal coach with a stellar resume, and head “Possibilitarian” of her company, The Possibility Experience, she reached out to me about The E List. After stalking her website, I thought The E List readers might be interested in what she has to offer.

This quote from her site particularly resonated:

“With over 20 years of Fortune 500 experience in strategy and innovation, mergers and acquisitions, organizational design, internal culture, and large-scale change initiatives, I know what it’s like to reach a place of corporate burnout. The chronic stress, strained relationships, and constant demand to be more and do more can often clutter our vision of what’s possible, resulting in what feels like an emergency tailspin.”

Especially that tailspin bit!

We had a long and absorbing chat over coffee, and I signed right up for six months of bi-weekly coaching. Big brands like CVS use her services to keep executives on track to reach their goals, why not a little business like mine? At our very first session, we uncovered a few truths. The biggest of which is, I’ve always had a book in me, but no time to write it. It’s easy for others to tell you what to do (I don’t know about you, but it happens to me all the time!), but it’s a very different thing when someone outlines the steps you’ll need to take to create actual change. Before our next meeting, I’ve got specific homework that will move me gently toward my goals. I could spend my life (as I’ve done for the last ten years) saying I’m going to write that book, and then continue to make excuses as to why I can’t. If Ellen can help me structure The E List to free up time to reach this personal goal this could be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my company.

Find out more about Ellen and what she can do for you here: