Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity


Habitat for Humanity of Southeastern Connecticut

Amanda Shanks, Operations Assistant



What is the essence of how your agency serves the community?

Habitat for Humanity of Southeastern Connecticut (HFHSECT) is a nonprofit Christian housing organization. We work to build homes in partnership with those in need in the area and around the world. The organization relies on citizen engagement and is open to people of all faiths or no faith, who can overcome differences to build a stronger community. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore works to raise funds to benefit the mission of Habitat for Humanity, while providing merchandise to the public at well below market value and keeping items out of the landfill.

What does the agency actually do, and, for who?

We work with low income families to build homes, removing them from unfit housing situations and moving them into homes that are safe decent and affordable.

What are some hands-on specific volunteering opportunities most needed?

We are looking for volunteers at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to do donation pick-ups with the ReStore truck, to come weekly and be a cashier at the store, customer service volunteers, donation screening volunteers and weekly office support.

Any other ways people can help?

Please help to spread the word about a wonderful place to donate new and gently used appliances, building materials and furnture. Donation pick up requests can be made to 860-892-9553 or online at: http://www.habitatsect.org/schedule_a_restore_pick-up.


To beginning volunteering all volunteers must go to a 1 hour Orientation and Training. To sign up for the training:
– Go to www.habitatsect.org
– Click the Volunteer UP link in the top right side of the screen. (it is white with green and blue lettering.)
– Log In or Register if you are new to this system.
– Once you have completed this return to the Calendar.
– Click the day that you would like to volunteer under the column called “Training Foundations.”
– If you would like to look at another month use the corresponding links at the top of the page.
– This will take you to a screen with information about the day.
– Input a team name if you have one, choose an e-mail reminder and then choose “sign up.”
– You should see a page that says “sign up confirmation.” If you do not, fix the error that it tells you and click “sign up” again.