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December 16, 2014
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Whole G Cafe, Branford

We’ve all heard about the cronut, but no matter how delicious, it just sounds a bit too-too. But a pregal (pretzel bagel)?  Now you’re talking. Take two of my favorite foods, smoosh them together and the result is a lighter and crispy-crusted wonder. Even better with a shmear of butter and a frothy cappucino. This new bakery in Branford is serious about bread, from dense German multi-grains and health loaves to seeded rye and challah, and, I kid you not, the very best chunky chocolate gluten-free cookie I have EVER had: completely lacking in that weird gritty aftertaste of typical GF baked goods and not too sweet. I’d show you a photo but I ate them ALL. The holiday menu includes lots of European holiday treats like Linzer Torte and Stollen, plus a stunning gluten-free buche de Noel (regular chocolate or vanilla raspberry buche available, too). Avocado on toast for breakfast, jambon et fromage for lunch, and nutella baguette for kids, make it a happy stop for a quick pick-me-up, too.

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