11/29/2022, Giving, Gifting & Girls Night


The official kick-off to the holiday season is here! For the first time in over 30 years, I did not host Thanksgiving; hence I enjoyed a rare relaxing weekend. I had great intentions for decorating, but I contemplated making my annual lemon leaf garland and left it at that. I did some serious damage in a Madison shopping spree (summed up below, and oh, what fun) and tried and failed to work off the mounds of stuffing that I find the most irresistible part of the feast. Yes, I’m still on my pandemic-era Peloton, but I’ve recently discovered Ally Love’s Barre classes and I’m addicted. If your Peloton is gathering dust, try the 15-minute Disco barre, sure to raise your heart rate AND mood!
Today’s the day to give back, so we’ve rounded up local non-profits that could always use your help. Try this festive cookie recipe by our dear Dorie Greenspan and deliver to your friends.
I hope to see lots of you at Girls’ Night Out in Guilford next Thursday, December 8th. If you don’t know the drill, details below.
Love, Erica

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