12/6/2022, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Holiday Desserts


I’m considering writing an article (with photos, of course) about everything I’ve eaten this year. It is, at the same time, the upside and downside of my job. So fun. So fattening. This week was a particularly pudgy-making one, with stops at the new steakhouse, Prime in Guilford, bagel perfection at Duby’s, and I even managed to sneak in some oozy, gooey Raclette at Cocotte (check out my Instagram for the video!). Undoubtedly, a round-up of a year’s worth would scare me AND my doctor. Nothing to be done until all the festivities are over, but I’m doubling down on the Peloton in the meantime. Hoping you’re having a festive season. As you can see, I am.

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