9/11 In Memoriam, by Peter Harron

All of us remember exactly where we were on September 11th and most of us know someone who perished. It’s as fresh in my mind as yesterday, but unbelievably, it’s been ten years.
Reknowned Essex photographer, Peter Harron, has installed a memorial in the windows of the empty Left Bank Gallery. His silver gelatin prints document the building of the towers from 1968 to 1976, images of the aftermath of the disaster from September 2001, and the current state of rebuilding. The photographs are held by clothes pins on wire fencing to represent the barrier fencing surrounding the site. Messages were posted on these fences by loved ones with the hopes of finding the missing, and ultimately became an anguishing memorial. The gallery is closed; the installation is viewed from the sidewalk and the photos are not for sale. Through September 18th. Hope you get a chance to stop by.