A New Lounge at Grano Arso, Chester


Here’s a secret I’d rather keep to myself: the new speakeasy at Grano! You’ll find this elegant space, bathed in blue velvet and gold leaf, through the door to the left of the bar. It’s got a chic and urban feel smack in the middle of Chester. Dinner reservations are available here, but I love the idea of an after-work cocktail (Strawberry Alarm Clock, a heady tequila, chartreuse, and strawberry mix is my current favorite), and squeezing into the banquettes with a gale of pals, snacking on charcuterie or a delish salmon terrine (that one comes with irresistible homemade tater-tots!). It’s a refreshing change to the more casual bars scattered along the Shoreline, but fancy attire is NOT necessary. It is Chester after all.


6 Main Street in Chester
(860) 322-3143

grano arso