A Real Deal Dog at CT Lunch, Guilford


I am a girl who almost never turns down a hot dog. This much-maligned treat is my favorite summer indulgence, evoking childhood trips to Nathan’s in Coney Island (in my book, only the original is worth eating).

So, as soon as I heard about CT Lunch, a hot dog lovers haven in Guilford, I raced down. The physical space isn’t much to write home about: basic seating with some thoughtful reading materials provided for those of us dining alone (Martha Stewart Living!). But the dogs! The grilled and buttered bun was the right size for the dog, and gluten-free or whole grain are options, too. I’m a purist – no ketchup, relish or onions for me, just a squirt of brown mustard on a grilled Hummel and that satisfying snap at first bite.

On the side? Tots! These babies come every which way. I tried the Buffalo, and who knew that dipping a tater tot in hot sauce and blue cheese could actually improve something that is already quite perfect in its naked state.

Kielbasa, vegan dogs, burgers, and an intriguing chicken filet sandwich are also on offer, but I’d be hard-pressed to give anything else a go. And nothing on the menu is over $6.50.

This is what fast food should be.

(203) 453-5624

500 Village Walk, Guilford