A Rooftop Happy Hour at Mix, Mystic


This is our favorite time of year to visit Mystic when the summer crowds are gone and 95 turns back into a highway. We headed over to celebrate Laura’s birthday and, yes, more Happy Hours!

Our first stop was the freshly renovated Mix at Sift. This rooftop bar and small plate venue, owned by award-winning baker Adam Young, has expanded and will be open year-round. Enjoy river views from your cozy seat at the fire pit, protected by retractable glass panes. Besides its rooftop location above Sift, one of the best bakeries on the Shoreline, there’s a lot to love about this place.

The food and drink are meticulously crafted and stunningly presented by cheerful and knowledgeable waitstaff. And it all tastes as good as it looks. A must are the spare ribs, generally not one of my favorite dishes, often too gloppy and sauced. These are prepared sous vide, then briefly fried, and glazed with sake and soy. We devoured our charcuterie and cheese plate with housemade rillettes, country pate, assorted cheeses, chewy hunks of grilled sourdough, and pickled Harukei turnips (I couldn’t stop!).

The cocktail menu is fun and elegant: Laura’s Side Piece, a mix of Hennessey and Grand Marnier with a Lemon Popsicle melting in it, while my El Dorado had all the wonderful characteristics of a boozy smoothie, Gin, Lilet, peach, and raspberry with a creamy vanilla foam. While we stuck to the small plates, entrees, salads, and desserts are available, too. This is a lovely spot for a late afternoon bite (and make sure to bring home a bag of the best croissants from Sift on your way out).


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