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April 5, 2021
Art / Fun / Brian Keith Stephens

Almost True Tales, Brian Keith Stephens at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum

brian stephens

Two things I’ve missed most during the pandemic are museums and bookstores. The quiet, the sense of discovery, the SLOWNESS of browsing galleries or books has always been a balm. 

The other day (yes, vaccinated!) I stopped at the Lyman Allyn to see Brian Keith Stephens’ new exhibit. I’ve got a couple of pieces of Brian’s work and enjoy them thoroughly. My paintings are landscapes in a stylistic mix of impressionism and abstraction. The current show is figurative works inspired by fables and Brian’s fascination with all manner of living creatures. And it’s a beauty. 

Hung in three galleries on the second floor, the monumental works pop against a dark green background, and you will be as riveted as I was. The exhibit, mainly painted during the pandemic, is bright and cheerful (dare I say pretty?) despite a year of lockdown. Inspired by Aesop and Grimm, it’s a cohesive exhibit that tells the story of Brian’s fascination with animals and myths. The titles give nothing away, but if your memory serves, you may be able to guess the tale depicted by the foxes, peacocks, turtles, swans, elephants, and lions.

The exhibit is family-friendly and an uplifting way to spend an afternoon.

Through May 9th

Museum hours:

Tuesday- Saturday: 10 am — 5 pm

Sunday: 1 pm — 5 pm

625 Williams Street in New London

860.443.2545 • Exit 83 off I-95

Don’t miss:

There’s a lot to see right now at the Lyman Allyn: Encountering Resonance: Aaron Taylor Kuffner’s musical kinetic sculpture, Gamelatron, and Xanda McCagg’s exciting abstracts. 



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