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September 16, 2014
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An Elegant Tattoo?

Most people have a pretty strong opinion about tattoos. They love ‘em or hate ‘em. Me, I don’t care what other folks choose to ink permanently upon themselves, but it’s just not for me. And certainly not for my daughter (hoping and praying she’s not hiding one somewhere). I’ve actually seen some lovely and ingenious ones — I was highly amused at my last mammogram when the idle chatter turned to tattoos, my tech lifted her pant leg to show me how she turned a mole into the center of a sunflower. Even my septuagenarian aunt got a tattoo recently. But before YOU go running off to the tattoo parlor (FYI, I hear Twin Tattoo in Old Saybook is the place to go), perhaps try one of the new temporary tattoos that are all the rage. I even got excited over these delicate silver and gold skin ornaments, that look like a bit of bohemian jewelry when applied to the skin. Lulu DK offers a few versions, available at J. Horton in Madison. They’re elegant, feminine and, dare I say, pretty. When you get sick of ‘em just wipe away with a bit of baby oil. Brilliant.

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