Best Art Gallery 2012

It’s easy to see why Greene Gallery was voted #1. For 35 years it’s been the go-to gallery for representational works by local and renowned artists. A browse through Katharine Greene’s stable includes John Falato’s meticulous realist landscapes and Ken Davies exquisite still lifes (one of the foremost, living still life painters in the country).
A recent renovation added a sunny new gallery featuring the current exhibit: Marieluise Hutchinson, whose charming farmscapes (think big house, little house, back house, barn) are classic New England. All very good reasons to visit the gallery, but here’s why you should race over this summer: the idyllic sculpture garden, best experienced over lunch on Whitfield’s terrace (one of MY top outdoor dining destinations), provides a welcome respite from the daily grind.
Painting: Marieluise Hutchinson