Breakfast at the Beach, Thanks to Flanders Fish Market


Certainly, most folks visit the snack shack at the beach in Niantic for Flanders famous chowder, clam fritters, or fish and chips, and I say absolutely go. But the other crystal clear morning, Laura and I headed over for breakfast at 9am. The beach was almost empty, and we grabbed a lucky parking spot right in front of the shack.

Offering classic breakfasts, Ashlawn Farm Coffee and “New Wave Old School” selections (yes, avocado toast!), this is a serene and sweet spot for the first meal of the day. 

As we cheerfully dug in to our over-easy eggs and Crab Cake Benny (a hearty dish of lump crab cakes perched on an English muffin, topped with a poached egg and drizzled with Old Bay Hollandaise), we congratulated ourselves on our fun, new find. A few more early birds hit the deck overlooking the sandy strip, but there was still plenty of room for social distancing and ample time to linger over iced coffee while watching the waves gently lap the shore. 

We’re all desperate to get out of our houses in a safe way, and the option of breakfast, sans crowds, complete with a calming sea view was an idyllic start to the day. 

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