Creative Cocktails at Mix, Mystic


We, like so many others, are huge fans of Sift, an exceptional French bakery in Mystic, helmed by Food Network’s Best Baker, Adam Young. When we heard they expanded to a rooftop cocktail bar, we KNEW it would be something special. And we were not wrong! Laura and I headed over on a bright day and wound our way upstairs to a sunny space with a cool seaside vibe.

The creative cocktail menu is paired with a variety of small plates, making this spot a solid choice for a late afternoon nosh. We had trouble choosing among the tempting drinks, finally settling on a fresh frosé that arrived garnished with berries, and the Lemonade Stand, a tangy combo of house-made lemonade layered with berry-infused vodka and mint. We are delighting in the small things these days, and these lovely sips lifted our spirits.

For a snack, we shared a rather large (and local) Seacoast mushroom tart, easily enough for two, and a perfect carb and vegetable foil to our drinks. Layers of puff pastry hold a mountain of ‘shrooms and caramelized onion, drizzled in local ricotta and truffle vinaigrette. Yum! You’ll find plenty more to entice on the menu, including Hazelnut Crusted Goat Cheese Fritters and Stonington Scallop Ceviche. Next time! Lastly, we drank our dessert, a don’t-miss fresh cherry popsicle dropped into a sparkling rose!

It’s all quite festive and farm-to-table fresh here, using only the highest quality local ingredients. Our delightful server, Kristen, enthusiastically described the juices and potions used to make our drinks and steered us to the best (and prettiest) choices.

On your way out, don’t forget to visit the bakery downstairs for a box of Adam Young’s award-winning French pastries, croissants, and classic baguettes and boules.

Drinks are $12, Plates range from 12 to 18. Craft beer and a thoughtful wine list are available, too.

5 Water Street in Mystic

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