Eating Clean at Aspen, Old Saybrook


Aspen was one of the very first restaurants I wrote about when I launched The E List in 2008. We had a jolly girls’ night, and for dessert all we craved was a teeny bit of chocolate. Our ridiculously fabulous waiter overheard and, unbeknownst to us, ran out to the gas station next door and served us up a Hershey bar. Does service get better than that? Well, it’s just as good as ever, with a delightful team and consistently tasty food. But the real reason you’ll find me there so often is the diet-friendly menu.

As you well know, we eat out a lot here at The E List, and sometimes, all I’m hungry for is a piece of grilled salmon and some veggies. With Aspen’s “Build Your Own Entree” menu, you can choose your protein and sides and feast on a substantial and super healthy meal. I generally go for the salmon with spinach or asparagus with a bit of lemon beurre blanc. (If you’re not leaning clean, order the Lobster Fried Rice! Yum). Do not let your server bring bread to the table, as the crusty baguette with whipped butter and sea salt is irresistible. I can’t promise you a chocolate bar, but we’re skipping dessert these days anyway!

Good to know: This is one of the few places around I feel comfortable eating alone at the bar.

Enjoy 50% off house glasses of wine every Tuesday & Wednesday with the purchase of an entrée.