Eye-Catching Color and Naked Cakes at Pursuit of Pastry


By Elizabeth Rubin

We can’t wait for invitations to backyard barbecues and pool parties to start flooding in (fingers crossed!), and this year we’ll be prepared with the perfect tote-along dessert!

On the hunt for a seasonal treat bursting with color, I headed to Pursuit of Pastry, where a luscious fruit tart caught my eye. The crunchy, not-too-sweet shortbread crust holds a creamy custard, capped with strawberries, blueberries, and sweet mandarin oranges. An apricot glaze gives this bountiful dessert a shiny finish. 

Stepping into the bakery feels like an invitation into owner Jill Peterson’s kitchen, visible from the small dining area. On a recent Friday, customers crowded the counter placing weekend orders, while the pastry chef put the finishing touches on a “Naked Cake” (or in this case semi-naked). A trend birthed by Christina Tosi, owner of NYC’s famed Milk Bar Bakery, it’s all about exposing what’s inside with this multi-layered, mostly unfrosted tower, accented with grapes and berries. 

An almost healthy option is Pursuit’s Baked Donut. Yes, it’s rolled in butter and cinnamon sugar, but it is NOT fried. And if you’re more of a chocolate hound, the Oreo Mousse Torte for one is a mini splurge. Your sweet tooth will thank you for stopping by.


pursuit of pastry

pursuit of pastry