Fresh & Fun at Comomango, Madison


Here’s the thing about Mexican food: everybody likes it. So we were pretty certain that Comomango, the new Mexican restaurant in the old Moxie location in Madison would be a hit. We are glad to see another lively spot here, and the place filled up early on a wintry Wednesday night (diet and dry January be damned!).

A friend says that guac is the “tell” for Mexican, and here it’s fresh and chunky with housemade chips. We loved the corn fritter, more of a pancake than a fried dumpling, and the short rib tamale had a lovely masa texture. Street tacos come two to an order on a freshly griddled corn tortilla (I much prefer corn to flour for taste and texture) in all the usual combos. Both the carnitas and chicken were so tasty. Build-your-own bowls are a fun option; adding whatever suits your fancy, and the mango, jicama, quinoa, and shrimp salad is the perfect crunchy, sweet, and healthy combo if you’re eating light.

Tequila and mezcal aficionados will be thrilled with the menu of over 60 brands in 1, 2, 3, or 4 oz. (yikes!) servings or by the flight. Ever the purist, I sampled the house margarita, which was perfectly mixed, not too tart or sweet.

We weren’t as enthused about the Platas Fuertes we ordered (shrimp and rice was mainly rice), so we’ll stick to yummy tacos and tamale here. With a colorful and cheerful vibe, this is a happy (and family-friendly) choice for lunch or dinner, especially during the winter doldrums.