Give Great Gifts: Hen & Heifer, Guilford


Hen & Heifer, tucked behind Whitfield Street in Guilford, is like a jewelry store for treats. Owner and French Culinary Institute-educated baker Whang Suh has been plying his trade for ten years in this tiny but magical spot and offers the most exquisite French pastries baked in-house. Besides the astonishingly beautiful desserts, you’ll find a selection of gourmet products and sacks of impossibly delicious cookies. My favorites are the Triple Chocolate Buttons, a buttery, chocolatey shortbread with a hint of salt, and the delicate, classic powdered sugar Russian Tea Cakes. Pick up a few bags of these (because they won’t make it home), and add jars of Les Mills de Joyeuse Chestnut Honey, Matcha Milk Jam, Yuzu Marmalade, and Whang’s fresh granola, and you’ve got an elegant presentation. Grab a bottle of homemade egg nog on the way out. 

Thursday – Saturday, 12-5pm

23 Water Street 

Online ordering is available for pick up:


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