Happy Hour at Liv’s


My husband is not a fan of happy hour, but when it comes to Liv’s Oyster Bar I had no trouble convincing him. He’s an oyster fanatic and will never turn down buck-a-shuck! But the guy is ALWAYS late. And as I sat nervously at the bar like Cinderella, worrying that the clock would strike six before he arrived, he texted me to order him two dozen. Me, I can eat a bivalve or two, but was much happier with the adorable trio of tiny tuna tartare tacos and a cup of Liv’s famous clam chowder (a $3.50 bargain). I’m a fan of their New England version: not too thick, a bit briny, and studded with a couple of teeny fresh biscuits floating on top. We couldn’t resist the truffle fries (two baskets later) and you shouldn’t, either. The bar menu sports a bunch of Liv’s tried and true (the calamari here is crisp and spicy, a perfect combo), plus some fun and heftier additions like short rib quesadillas ($9.95).  Happy Hour specials include a wine by the glass for $5 and a nightly cocktail for $8. Get there early, the bar was full by five pm.

Happy Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 4 to 6pm. Happy hour oysters, 3 varieties are $1 on Wednesdays, and $1.50 (one variety on special) on other days.