Lash Lift and Tint at Wild Honey


If I had to choose one item in my makeup bag I’d rather not live without, it would be (hands down) mascara. Sure, I light up with excitement upon entering ULTA, etc. and leave with a litany of bronzers, lip gloss, and shimmery solutions but I scarcely use them unless I have a solid engagement. But mascara? I have at least 2 going at all times. Until last month.

Having heard great things about this hot new trend that involves zero false eyelashes, I tucked into Wild Honey in Chester to give it a spin. I’d had my lashes tinted numerous times, consistently resulting in burning eyes plus less than showstopping results, so I was a bit nervous. Owner and beauty pro, Susan Houde, is also a Certified Elleebana Lash Lift Technician & Trainer. She began with a lesson on the nature of eyelashes and then proceeded to walk me through each step as she performed it. First was the lifting process which involved silicon rods (to curl from the root rather than the ends of the lashes), and curling (or lifting) solution (which conditions the lashes as well). Susan painstakingly lifted each lash, one by one and fixed them to the rods. Once lifted, she applied the tint. The experience was utterly relaxing and my eyes were spared of any stinging or burning. The results were remarkable. I spent the holidays and January completely mascara-less yet looked as though I’d put some serious effort into my lashes. Nearly seven weeks later, I am now due for my next treatment.

The process takes 45-60 minutes.

Lash Lift with Tint   $85

Lash Lift, Tint & Keratin Nourish Aftercare Mascara $110  (SAVE $15)

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By Laura Williams