Lunch At Parkville Market, Hartford’s Fantastic Food Hall


Here’s something fun to do on a wintry day! Warm up with a mammoth selection of interesting grub at Parkville Market in Hartford. This fantastic food hall opened during Covid, and we trekked up last year to see what was what. There wasn’t enough to write about then, but now? Wow! We spent a very happy lunchtime tasting all manner of ethnic and exciting delights. Here’s what we ate (believe it or not!):

Need a dose of Nashville Hot Chicken? We ordered the medium hot (on waffles, of course) from Foul Play and burned our faces off. Even Laura, who is a champ, could barely take the heat. The fluffy waffles and maple syrup helped put out the fire. I double-dare you to try the “What The Cluck?”, the hottest of the five heat choices. Next time, I’ll stick with mild.

I’m a huge fan of Mofongo and Puerto Rican food in general. It’s not the easiest to find around here, so I headed straight to the aptly named Mofongo and ordered up the dish with Carne Frita. Oh, yum. Crispy bits of fried pork and garlicky mashed plantains are high on my list of comfort food.

Burger and steak lovers must try Meltdown. We shared a cheesesteak with mushrooms, onions, and American cheese (the only way, in my opinion), served with a mound of hot and crispy curly fries. The proportion of roll to meat here is critical, and it’s just right. Get a drizzle of chipotle aioli, too.

I’ve always wanted to try a Tomago Sandwich, and here it is at Hartford Poke Company: a crazy stack of seaweed, rice, egg, and SPAM. Yes, Spam. My cohorts weren’t as thrilled with this mashup as I was, but I think it’s a must.

No, we did not save room for dessert, but who can resist a slice of cheesecake drizzled with warm chocolate sauce and folded into a crepe? This kooky concoction and plenty of others are available at Manny’s Sweet Treats.

There’s so much more to taste that we’ve already planned a return trip! Of course, there’s pizza, barbecue, and tacos, but you’ll also find Guatemalan, Brazilian, Jamaican, Asian Street Food, a beer bar, and several cocktail bars. Upstairs offers semi-private dining rooms if you’ve brought a bit of a crowd. Check out the website for upcoming events (Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3 – 6pm, Dr. Violin on February 18th, plus trivia, karaoke, and salsa lessons!). This happy spot may just see us through winter.

1400 Park Street, Hartford

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