Milkcraft, New Haven


The liquid nitrogen infused ice cream craze has hit New Haven hard, and we were lucky enough to stay right around the corner from the latest outpost of Milkcraft.  If you choose to indulge in these whacky oversize bubble waffle cones, I suggest skipping lunch and heading over (the lines after dinner reach down the block). So what’s it all about? They start with fresh organic milk from local dairies and create the flavor base, then whip up each cone right before your eyes in giant mixers, all the while shooting in a stream of liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen apparently delivers that uber-creaminess that sets their ice cream apart. As does the warm waffle cone and variety of kooky toppings like kettle corn, black sea salt, and every kind of kid’s cereal imaginable.

While we heard that the Cookie Butter Blue was the way to go, I couldn’t see past the bright turquoise shade and inevitable blue tongue and went for the relatively tame Vietnamese Coffee, a blend of Cafe du Monde chicory coffee and condensed milk. Wow. We topped it with hot fudge and a dollop of housemade whipped cream. Our intention was to have a few bites and be done with it, but I couldn’t stop myself from tearing at the warm waffle and scooping up giant spoons of velvety ice cream (and, yes, a spoon is necessary). It’s hard to imagine eating an entire serving by yourself, but plenty of happy customers seemed to be doing just that. Entirely worth the $10 price tag, but not something I (or anyone) should indulge in regularly!

280 Crown Street

milk craft

milk craft