Moxie Hour



Besides the facts that Moxie is one of the most perfectly branded restaurants on the Shoreline and the food is always scrumptious, they’ve also got a fabulous spread for Happy Hour. Or in this case, Moxie Hour. I met a friend at the bar on a Wednesday at five sharp during one of those near-tornado-seeming warmish winter days. The tables were already packed but there were two spots waiting for us at the bar. It seemed locals were not willing to miss out on the frivolity despite severe weather warnings.

Wednesday night is half-off bar snacks and bartender’s choice of draft from 5-7. I went with my standards because I actually dream of these items on a regular basis.  The Buffalo Cauliflower is a lightly battered and fried pile, with buffalo sauce, bleu cheese and ribbons of shaved celery. The steamed bun trend has finally made it to the Shoreline…their Fried Chicken version carry a few big bites worth of deep-fried bird with walnut pesto and arugula in a steamed rice-flour (heavenly) bun with a buttermilk dipping sauce. And I can never get away with NOT ordering the salty, sticky, crispy handcut House-Seasoned Fries covered in malt vinegar powder. I’m not sure I understand how malt vinegar powder works but it DOES. The bartender’s draft choice was the Downeast Cranberry Cider; a not-too-sweet pink treat and a perfect match for the bar vittles. There’s something HAPPY going on at Moxie every day but Monday (they’re closed!). The schedule for Moxie Hour goes like this:

  • Tuesdays  5-10pm: 1/2 priced flatbread pizza and pick your $3 craft beer can
  • Wednesdays: *See above!
  • Thursdays 5-7pm: Classic burger and a draft beer $12
  • Fridays  9-11pm: 1/2 priced bar snacks / $4 draft beers
  • Saturdays  9-11pm: 1/2 priced bar snacks / $4 draft beers
  • Sundays  ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR: 1/2-priced flatbread pizzas, $2 PBRs and $6 glasses of house wine / 4pm until close 1/2-priced select bottles of wine
by Laura Williams

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Steamed Buns With Fried Chicken