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October 26, 2017
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Must See Exhibits in Old Lyme

room of her own by Pola Esther

It’s the last weekend for the Wee Faerie Village (and Cafe Flo), so whether adult or child, you should see this installation of fairy houses by renowned artists on the grounds of the Flo Gris Museum. AND while you’re in Old Lyme, there are a few exhibits you might want to add to your itinerary:

At the Florence Griswold Museum, A Room of Her Own: Ballad of Ruth Coxe: Photographer Pola Esther reveals her fascination with local and perplexing eccentric, Ruth Coxe, through a multi-media installation, including images of Ruth’s rather delapidated home (shades of Grey Gardens) and artifacts that reveal a life spent fighting for her beliefs, from feminisim and politics to organic farming and agricultural practices. Ruth Coxe was an outlier in a town where many of us try to fit in, and this exhibit is a tribute to her fiercely independent life. Through January 28, 2018   More info here.

This image and image above by Pola Esther


Maureen McCabe/Ernst Von Maydell at Cooley Gallery: I’ve long been fascinated with Maureen McCabe’s intricate and mesmerizing collages and here she’s collaborated with a deceased artist for an exhibit that relates well to the faeries that have descended upon the town. Maureen has recreated Von Maydell’s anthropomorphic watercolors, incorporating bits from the natural world to his pieces (buds! thorns!), adding dimension and creating a body of fresh and interesting work.  A number of Maureen’s transfixing mixed media collages are on view, too. Through November 12th, 2017.   More info here. 

Maureen McCabe 


Female/Feminist at the Lyme Art Academy: As I haven’t seen the show yet (and I intend to this weekend), this timely  exhibit, according to the Lyme Academy “examines shifting considerations of how “female” fits into feminism and feminist art today, featuring a diverse and inclusive selection of artists.  The exhibition, co-curated by Alva Greenberg and Nancy Gladwell includes diverse media and approaches to art as well, ranging from works on paper and sculpture to painting, photography, and animation.” Through November 4th, 2017. More info here. 

From Female/Feminist: HILARY HARKNESS, Gertrude Stein & Alice B. Toklas, Paris, October, 1939, 12” by 11”, oil/copper 2007-2008 COPYRIGHT: HILARY HARKNESS. COURTESY: MARY BOONE GALLERY, NEW YORK.

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