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September 7, 2017
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Playing Hooky at Mystic Luxury Cinema

Mystic Luxury Cinema

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The first time I visited a posh cinema with cushy seats and wine was years ago in New Orleans, and I couldn’t wait for the trend to spread to CT. And, lucky for us, the folks behind Mystic Luxury Cinema thought it was a good idea, too. I, for one, like nothing more than a date with the big screen and a big bag of popcorn. I’ve always headed to Mystic for hard-to-find independent films, but now with its new and improved theater, it’s my go-to for everything from foreign films to blockbusters. The other day I stopped in for the 4ish showing (my favorite time for a solo movie). I ordered up a medium popcorn WITH butter (it’s the real thing here) and, throwing caution to the wind, a glass of Jonathan Edwards Red (local brews are available, too).

Settling into my cozy red leather recliner, I couldn’t help but congratulate myself on taking a wee break from reality. My movie choice, The Only Living Boy in New York wasn’t exactly riveting, but a perfectly acceptable afternoon flick. The programming runs to something-for-everyone. I can indulge in French subtitles while my husband takes in Dunkirk. Various film series’ are offered, too, with Exhibition on Screen titles including Rembrandt, The Impressionists and Vincent Van Gogh on the current schedule. And Mystic Disc series presents big screen opportunities for music fans (you’ll find me at Pearl Jam on October 3rd). Early bird matinees and all day Wednesday, tickets are only $6.
See you at the movies!

Check the website for showtimes and upcoming special screenings:


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