Noah’s, Stonington: The Original Farm & Sea To Table


By Dan Pearson

Noah’s, decades ago, pioneered farm and sea to table dining in this region. Styling itself like a classic French bistro, the restaurant utilized seasonal produce, baked its own bread, made its own desserts, took great pride in classic cocktails, and, long before anyone else, introduced diners to unfamiliar cuts or previously dismissed catch, such as the now ubiquitous monkfish. All of that remains the same today. Recently, however, Andrew Field, son-in-law of owner and photographer John Papp, came on as the restaurant’s new co-owner and manager, pledging to uphold Noah’s  “everything from scratch” philosophy but introducing some welcome changes. Craft beers turn over frequently on the taps. Tuesday nights are buck-a-shuck, Wednesday nights feature a $20 lobster dinner, and Fridays offer a $5 breakfast. Happy hour occurs every day from three to six, and the daily menu now includes the Boro Bowl (“A Bowl for the People”) where diners mix greens, grains, protein, and vegetables from a long list of options. It’s still a morning to night operation, where customers might order pheasant sausage for breakfast, a scallop po’ boy for lunch, and pan-seared halibut with local escarole for supper. And, there still isn’t a fryolator. But there is new life, new ideas, and new choices for one of the area’s most venerable eateries.