Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe


Once a year, on my birthday, I have an ice cream sundae for lunch. And I always have it at the Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe: chocolate ice cream, dripping with hot fudge and piled with whipped cream. I could give or take the cherry, but the rest of it is one happy indulgence without an ounce of guilt (just one a year!). It’s all about their chocolate. There’s something about it that reminds me of my youth and trips to Bailey’s in Harvard Square. It’s not exact, but the flavor is close enough. I’ve tried to order other flavors here (yes, the espresso chip and salted caramel are fantastic, too), but chocolate. That’s the one. Angie whips up all her flavors right there in the shop, and if you’re in need of a quick bite before your ice cream, her sandwich meats are roasted in-house, too. But me? I stick to my annual sundae and an occasional scoop of deliciousness.

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