Paperback Café, Old Saybrook


By Sarah Crisp

Paperback Café on a Sunday falls into that sweet spot between breakfast and brunch. Turn up after 11am and you’ll be treated to jazz with your breakfast. I love Eggs Benedict and use that as a marker by which all breakfasts are judged, and I was not disappointed. The salsa and avocado made a great addition and the servings are generous. The husband chose a Sierra de Peru – a combination of English muffins, eggs, cheese, sausage and red peppers. He assured me it was equally as good as my Benedict – and he clearly knows! Sticking with Paleo? You’ll have no problem here, as a full Paleo menu includes waffles, pancakes, and sandwiches – all gluten free. The cappuccino is a don’t miss: made with love and a lot of Italian know-how; the perfect finish to this yummy feast.

Best for: Cappuccino, service with a smile, Paleo & gluten free options.

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