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When I first heard about “permanent makeup” I thought it was nuts. I mean, who would tattoo their FACE? As my eyebrows seem to be inching toward my nose, I can understand the desire to reaffix them where they belong, so I rang up Glenna Franklin, a local makeup artist and practitioner of permanent makeup, for the scoop. Myth busted! The big difference between regular tattooing and what Glenna offers at her beauty atelier, is that it’s not really forever. While permanent ink is used for tattooing and the needle goes deeper under the skin, Glenna’s “make-up version” is actually a pigment, not an ink, and just pierces the upper layer of the skin. While you’ll need touch ups now and then for your new brows, the whole idea is much more palatable. She applies eyeliner and lips (returning fading lips to a natural color) too, but Glenna says that most folks want their eyebrows back. She draws them in first, matching the color and growth pattern of your existing brow. Glenna has a light hand for the first go and believes less is more. You can always come back for a free touch up if you’d like them thicker or darker. The process is not nearly as painful as tattooing, and any redness or puffiness fades in just a few days. Glenna also can conceal scars and previous tattoos.

After many years entrenched in the New York City beauty industry, Glenna now makes her home on the Shoreline, offering services from bridal parties to in-home make-up lessons. She’s known for her lash extensions and is certified in “Lavish Lashes,” a high quality-surgical grade adhesive. A new treatment available (and I’m going for this one!) is Cryoclear, a therapy that removes sun spots and age spots in just a few seconds. Here’s what we like: Glenna aims for you to look like the best possible version of YOU. She welcomes free consultations, and if you book a service she’ll take 10% off (except Cryoclear) through 11/8.

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