Porky Pete’s BBQ

It’s not even August and I’m already sick to death of my usual barbeque fare: grilled turkey sausages, flank steak and teriyaki chicken (quite delicious actually, click for the recipe). If you’ve got a crowd to feed, here’s your answer: Porky Pete’s Barbecue of Essex will cook up some killer ‘cue, and all the fixings (excellent versions of corn bread, baked beans, potato salad, and coleslaw).
Give Selene your numbers and trust her when she tells you what you need to order. Head over an hour before your party to pick up hot pulled pork, barbeque chicken or brisket. A recent dinner cost less than $10 a head with plenty of leftovers. No fuss, no muss and an instant party so you can enjoy yours.
Tags: Barbeque, Essex, Take Out, Corn bread, Southern