Pot Pies at Hadlyme Country Market


Most of us remember the forever freezer-burnt single-serving pot pies of our youth with a bit of nostalgia, not longing. But nothing screams comfort food in winter as much as a golden-crusted pie, with gravy bubbling forth. If that image speaks to you, quick – ring up the Hadlyme Country Market and order a couple of freshly baked pies for a warming winter dinner. We did, and chose a veggie version and a “Thanksgiving” pie and immediately dug in. The savory crust is crumbly perfection, the peas, potatoes, asparagus, fennel and squash so flavorful, all bathed in a lovely vegetarian gravy. The turkey pie is the answer if you think Thanksgiving all year long, bursting with tender chunks of bird, stuffing, gravy and studded with cranberries.

All in all, a handy thing to have stashed in the fridge for a few days, and the pies would make a super simple dinner party, too. Just lay out the range of options (beef stew and classic chicken are available, too) and a few sheet pans of roasted veggies: DONE! Who wouldn’t love that?

Each pie easily feeds six. $19.95. Call 860.526.3188 to order for same day pick up.


pot pies