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March 6, 2017
Be Well / beauty / Prana Glow at Vitality

Prana-Glow Facial at Vitality, Old Lyme

Typically, when going for a facial I expect there’ll be a fair amount of dialogue surrounding the condition of my skin (must drink more water) and my skin care regime (or what remains of it). And following the treatment, there’s usually a customized collection of products recommended for purchase. I appreciate these details and often discover products that remain in my rotation. But recently, feeling worn out and mostly seeking a head and neck rub, I chose very carefully from Vitality’s menu of services. The Prana Glow Facial had me at the mention of “Yoga for the Face”.

Drawing from Ayurvedic practices, the Prana Glow Facial uses Marma point massage helping to move energy around and stimulate Prana (or life force) while enhancing lymphatic drainage. They use one of my all-time favorite Ayurvedic and local skin care lines for this treatment, Solavedi Organics, ensuring the purest of organic herbs and botanicals. My gentle, welcoming practitioner, Bethany, started out my treatment with Honey Blossom Cleanser and Urban Revival Toner, followed by an elixir of vitamin A and C for the facial massage while the sounds of nature played softly in the background. During the long and blissful neck, shoulder and decollete massage featuring the heavenly scented Carrot Rose Oil, I nearly drifted off. There was a dreamy foot massage, too, using yet another Solavedi keeper, Foot Bliss Balm with basil, peppermint, and kaffir lime leaf. Bethany was so fluid and peaceful that I actually had to remind myself that there was someone in the room besides me. She used a cooling Jade roller that stimulates facial meridians to carefully bring me back.

I practically swam out of there, drenched in those gorgeous Solavedi products and half asleep from the pampering and silence.I was glad there was no decision-making on which products to buy. I sat out front for a few minutes in my car, not entirely sure I should be driving. This 50-minute treatment is $95.

Key Treatment: Ayurvedic Marma Point facial massage

Vitality also offers Pedicures, Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Integrative Lifestyle Counseling and more.

E-List readers take 15% of your Vitality Prana-Glow facial. Please include the discount code (Prana15). 

14 Lyme Street, Old Lyme

By Laura Williams

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Jade Roller

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