Rock Climbing at Canyon Ranch

Yup, that’s me,¬†clinging desperately to the two-story climbing wall. My irksomely cheerful instructor swore he’d get me to the top of the rock, and despite my acrophobia, he was right. So what if I took the longest out of our group and required a ridiculous amount of cajoling? I made it. Canyon Ranch offers over 35 fitness classes a DAY, from the expected: Pilates, yoga and Zumba, to things I’d never heard of. Burdenko Water? Yamuna Foot Fitness? Intro to Kinesis?
Mostly I ping-ponged between the various yoga classes (vinyasa and hatha on the beach), indoor cycling and rocking out on the stairmaster in the oceanview gym, but I also attempted Gotta Dance and Ballet Booty (those plies do wonderful things for your tush!). You miss the complete Canyon Ranch experience if you don’t try at least one thing well outside of your comfort zone. For me, that was the daunting rock wall I passed every time I headed to the gym. Glad I did it. Not anxious to do it again. My advice? Don’t look down.