Montauk is cold. And foggy. But no matter, I’m at Ruschmeyers where there is plenty to do. Modeled after sleepaway camp, a circle of cabins surround a grassy playground of sorts. Hungover hipsters are bent over their Macs or their breakfast (homemade guac on toasted baguette, frittatas, monster-sized berries) at the picnic tables, while their tots are scrambling in and out of the tee pee or tangled on the tree swings.
Yoga is at 10:30 and a tie-dye party hosted by Madewell at three, with plenty of time for napping in between. Rooms are simple if not downright stark: bed, dresser, mini-fridge and absolutely no place for your cosmetics to land. Most of the effort seems to have gone into the mini bar: Mast Brothers chocolate, Laura’s S’mores kit, Tate’s cookies, and toys! A frisbee, canteen, compass, bubbles and a balsa airplane ($8?). Like every lodging on the South Fork, this level of rustic chic doesn’t come cheap; Summer rates start at $325 including that gorgeous breakfast buffet.