Sayulita in Essex: Worth the Wait for Inventive Mexican


For those of us who have waited an hour and a half in Glastonbury for our lobster taco fix, we are overjoyed that this creative and popular Mexican eatery has made its way to the Shoreline. Sayulita opened in the Los Charros space in Centerbrook last week, and we raced over on opening night. The vibe is trendy and cheerful with Mexican cement tiles, light wood walls, a spacious bar, and multiple dining areas. 

We wasted no time ordering their signature margaritas, expertly crafted with their own house tequila (newly launched Cantina Azul!) and a vat of queso served with housemade tortilla chips. Put a bowl of warm bubbling cheese in front of me, and I can’t hold back, but I suggest you do. Otherwise, you won’t have room for the deliciousness to come. We shared a chorizo tamale as a starter, warm cornmeal balancing the spicy hot sausage. 

Fajitas are a must-have here and a lighter option after we scraped up the last of the queso. The grilled chicken is perfectly cooked, and the veggies are crisp and plentiful, served with warm tortillas.

If you’re on the taco train, there are so many interesting choices, from Faroe Island Salmon to Korean Short Rib, Buttermilk Fried Chicken, and those crazy Lobster Truffles. For something different, we ordered the Pulpo Taco. This grilled cilantro pesto octopus with lemon-thyme aioli and arbol salsa just might be our new obsession.

With plenty to take home, we skipped the warm churros, but can’t wait for next time. The space is larger than the Glastonbury original, so we’re hoping the wait for our next meal won’t be too long. But if it happens to be, there’s a room devoted to waiting, complete with cocktail service and shuffleboard!

Good to know: no reservations. 

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 4-9pm

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