Shag of Madison

Isn’t Shag a genius name for a hair salon? It conjures up visions of my crazy teenage hairdos and Warren Beatty and Julie Christie in Shampoo. I raced over to the edge of Madison to have a peek at the new space, owned by Jill and Mary Grace, formerly of Echo. It seems that the current trend in beauty parlors is small and intimate and this one is exactly that. I was just having a look-see, but the staff was unfazed and accommodating as I snapped away and bombarded the receptionist with questions.
Yes, they offer organic color; yes, the delicious “Shag” candles are hand-poured by CT River Candles; yes, evening appointments are available and yes, you can even just come for a blowout or natural keratin treatment. Their mission is to provide a salon:where judgement is left at the door and unique style is embraced. Judging by the filled chairs, cheerful staff and happy clients, I’d say they’ve nailed it.