Sip! A Wine Bar Opens in Old Saybrook


For those of us who consider a cheese board and glass of wine dinner, you’ll love the new Sip Wine Bar in Old Saybrook. But that’s not the only reason to visit. Old Saybrook has been desperate for a place like this for a long time, a cozy spot to meet girlfriends for a prosecco, or romantic enough for date night. With a rotating menu of wines by the flight, glass, or bottle, you can also up your skills as an oenophile.

The decor is thoughtful: walls lined with bottles, vaguely mid-century bold chandeliers, French oak stools pulled up to the bar (lined with essential but unobtrusive sneeze-guards), a smattering of tables, and a nook with cushy armchairs that lured us right in. Outdoors you’ll find tables in front and lined up down a side garden.

I don’t need much of an excuse for a late afternoon sip, and while the weather is still warmish, you’ll likely find me there with a luscious Argentinian Pinot and a tray of Delice, Piave and Humboldt Fog, a little pile of Castelvetrano olives, and those lovely crackers studded with dates and nuts. This is my usual order from Fromage, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that the cheeses and charcuterie are theirs. It’s an excellent idea for an espresso and dessert, too. The red wine cake, flourless chocolate torte, and lemon custard tartlet are sourced locally at Dagmar’s and Pursuit of Pastry. Takeout is available, too, including small or large picnic baskets packed with your choice of cheese, charcuterie, accompaniments and wine. A lovely addition to the Saybrook scene. See you there.

Find out more and see the menu here: