Six Tips for Summer Hair from Salon Pure


Argan Oil has become something of a mythical beauty product over the last few years. It’s a natural oil extracted from the nut of the Argan tree, found almost exclusively in Morocco. Bursting with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, it’s meant to cure everything from dry skin to eczema. I don’t know about that, but I’ve been slathering Nourish’s Argan Serum on my face all winter and it’s a wonder for dehydrated skin. So, it came as no surprise to find that Lauren Graybill, owner of Salon Pure, is a big fan of Argan oil, too. I headed over to get Lauren’s take on how to keep your locks lovely all summer. She starts with Moroccanoil, a salon product with Argan oil as its base. Here are her tips for healthy summer hair.

1. To repair and revive damaged hair and control frizz, start a daily regimen of applying a tiny bit of Moroccanoil into the ends of hair (a little goes a long way). The longer you keep at it the better the result.

2. Shampoo and condition your hair only every two to three days. If you need to restyle in between, wet your hair, condition, and skip the shampoo. On in-between days, give your hair a fast refresh with BlowPro “Faux Dry” dry shampoo.

3. If you blowdry your hair every day, use a heat protectant spray like KMS Hot Flex Heat Protectant Spray.

4. Fans of flat irons: be sure yours is a temperature-controlled, ceramic iron. Hair can only withstand 450 degrees (wow!) and always run the iron through, never hold it in place.

5. Protect your hair from sun, surf and chlorine. Wet hair BEFORE heading to the beach or pool and apply Moroccanoil to create a barrier and minimize absorption of the elements. And, most importantly, wear a hat!

6. Use a clarifying shampoo after exposure to remove build up and mineral deposits in your hair. Besides summer elements, copper pipes and hard well water wreak havoc on your hair. Consider a monthly demineralizing treatment monthly.

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