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September 10, 2009
Travel / New York / Standard Hotel

Standard Hotel

Washington & W. 13th

The Standard’s rooms are not for the modest or faint-hearted (floor to ceiling windows on two sides) but for me, this is as close to heaven as I’ll ever get. Suspended above the Hudson River and looking smack down on the High Line, I loved it so much, I stayed an extra night. Rooms are small but well designed: the bath’s glass wall looks over the L-shaped seating area and (in my case) a queen sized bed. At night I kept the curtains open and gazed out over the twinkling New Jersey lights. Everything is white, bright and clean and the view from the gym inspires  a workout. No family hotel this, roll-aways are not available, so go enjoy a weekend a deux. Tip: ask for room 24 on any floor to get the corner view at the best price.

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