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One good thing the pandemic has brought to the Shoreline is an influx of creative talent. With so many people escaping the city, our towns are a beacon of serenity. A new transplant that I met recently is Jordan Sparkes, hairstylist to the stars (literally). With a resume that reads like a gossip column, styling the likes of Madonna, Linda Evangelista, Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham and so many more, you wouldn’t think that Durham would pull him from behind his chair at The Salon at Bergdorf Goodman.

Jordan and his partner have owned the Durham digs for six years, and after 25 years in the city, his enthusiasm for the daily grind was waning. When the pandemic hit, it seemed like the universe was telling him this was the time to make the permanent move to Connecticut.

Snapped up by Timothy Pamment Salon, Jordan still heads to the city a few times a month for editorial work and photoshoots. He’s a mainstay for Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, and Anna Sui’s over-the-top runway shows and loves the creative license and inspiration that the work provides. But his passion is obviously cutting hair and the connection with his clientele.

Gabbing with Jordan was so fun and not what I expected. He’s a humble guy and gives credit for his successful career to his mentors, Garren (of the eponymous salon, now shuttered), Anna Sui, and a clutch of others. And he was full of useful tips for keeping hair in shape during this exasperating time. He’s finding that clients want low maintenance looks most of all. They’ve gotten used to ease, and don’t want to waste time blowing, curling and straightening. The important thing, he says, is to work with your natural texture and not to fight it (moi!). Then get a proper haircut that doesn’t require a lot of effort to look good.

With many of us extending the time between salon visits, I asked Jordan for some at-home tips to keep our tresses tamed. He’s a big fan of dry shampoos to eliminate oil and add body, and recommends products by Kerastase and Color Wow (see below) that will cover gray between color appointments. He feels it’s a great time to change your style, especially if you haven’t been to a salon in months, and your hair has grown out. Evaluate how you feel about your new length before immediately resorting to your old cut. Maybe it’s an opportunity to create something new and more manageable. He’s not the guy who will lop off your locks; he knows you can always take off more.

Jordan understands how difficult it is to change stylists or find a new one and shared some suggestions: do your research. Check out their social media (especially Instagram) and look at their Yelp reviews. He knew Timothy Pamment Salon was the place for him the minute he walked in the door and loves that the clientele is a bit more laid back than in the city. He found just what he was looking for: an inspirational space, creative freedom, and a like-minded team.

Call the salon to make an appointment with Jordan: 203.245.7707.

For E List readers who are new-to-the-salon cleints only, receive 20% off for any service with Jordan for the month of October. 

Check out his work here: @jordansparkx and #hairbyjordansparkes

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