Steak Frites at Cafe Routier, Westbrook

You can’t beat Steak Frites for an indulgent meal (if you’re a carnivore, that is). And Cafe Routier’s version is the ultimate: a juicy and perfectly seared New York strip, dolloped with mustard butter and accompanied by THE best french fries on the CT Shoreline: served steaming hot and salty with a crispy exterior and creamy center. You can ask for ketchup if you must, but here they’re served French style with aioli. A pile of watercress adds just the right, bright and peppery note.
While Cafe Routier launches a new menu every season (this winter, it’s mid-western influenced featuring pork-belly bratwurst and borscht), they know to keep the classics that regulars pine for: Mom’s Meatloaf, Grilled Trout, Moules Mariniere and Steak Frites. We’re also mad for the small plates in the Lounge, especially the Bulgogi (Korean spiced beef with stir-fried veggies and buckwheat noodles).
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