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It could be said that baker Mark Israel is in the business of making people happy. For folks who have gluten, dairy or nut allergies, they will be very happy indeed to give his gluten-free treats a try. He freely admits that nothing gives him more joy than feeding kids a whoopie pie or cupcake that they otherwise could never enjoy.

I first visited the bakery in Westbrook three years ago, when Still Delicious had just opened its doors, and let’s just say that things are even MORE delicious. These days, he’s pumping out birthday cakes and fruit pies, brioche, baguettes and bagels, banana breads and cupcakes, those crazy whoopie pies (I sometimes indulge at RJ Julia cafe where they are available) which he bakes up either gluten-free OR vegan, and so much more.

On this visit, Mark tempted me with chunks of both vanilla and chocolate cake, neither had any of the dry or gritty crumb that can be associated with a gluten-free dessert. These were tender and (as much as I hate the word) moist, but yes. Tasted blindly, I don’t think anyone would know the difference between these cakes and a conventional version. A slice of toasted brioche, spread with a wisp of melted butter was sublime, and I can only imagine what a lovely French Toast it would make.

I am not allergic, and I occasionally indulge in flour, especially if it’s a bialy on offer. In general, I avoid it for inflammatory reasons. But for those that are Celiac or allergic to nuts, this spot is a miracle. The breads freeze well, so stock up while you’re there, and make sure to grab a whoopie pie for the ride home.

Large photo at top: toasted brioche

13 Boston Post Road, Westbrook.

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