Surfridge, A Brewery That’s All About Food


Did you read this article about the optimum time to eat dinner? Yup, it’s 5pm, and I’m all for it. It doesn’t happen every day, but with fewer familial responsibilities, it’s my preferred supper time (and I generally skip lunch if I’m eating early). I’m not the only one, so we’re rounding up some of our favorite spots for an early dinner.

I almost hate to give this away, but we LOVE the food at Surfridge Brewing Company, even if we can’t tell an ale from a pilsner. And the best time to go is 4pm before the crowds!

Laura and I went over in the late afternoon to try out the new fall additions. Their chef-driven menu and high-quality local ingredients in unusual combinations are a novelty for a brewery. We also love that so many of the small plates and starters are veg-forward, if not entirely veg-friendly because of those luscious bacon chunks in the Balsamic Brussels Sprouts!

Don’t miss the Roasted Cauliflower in a semi-spicy yellow curry, and we doubled down on a pile of wood-fired and Fallish root vegetables. This was a happy (and light) precursor to the Short Rib, a delicacy that I don’t indulge in often, but here it’s perfectly braised and falling off the bone. The local market fish of the day was nuggets of Miso-glazed Monkfish on a bed of crunchy house-made kimchi, a fresh flavor and texture combo. We were wild for the Chai Hard cocktail, a blend of house-made Kahlua, chai tea syrup, and espresso, think a light version of the ubiquitous espresso martini. If the rosy-hued pear hard cider is on tap, don’t miss it.

We love that owners Jen & Steve Lieberman are as serious about food as they are about beer. And no matter what you’re in the mood for (including those delish wood-fired pizzas and a full oyster bar), you’ll find something yummy here.

Surfridge Brewing Co

In the Witch Hazel Works

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Centerbrook, CT 06409
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