Thai Riverside


One of the trials of life in the sticks can be the lack of accessible take-out. Sure, we’ve got the country market to-go dinners mastered, and there’s plenty of pizza, but what I often yearn for is solid Thai (preferably within a few miles of my house). Lucky for all of us, Thai Riverside has arrived in the ever-revolving space next to The Wheatmarket in Chester. In addition to dining in the intimate but family-friendly restaurant, they offer a full to-go menu. Place your order on the CHOWNOW app, through the website, or make an old-fashioned phone call and they’ll give you an accurate pick-up time.

I’ve been stalking this place for weeks and just the other day, the doors were finally open and the room was filled with curious locals like me. I got right down to sampling with a friend. We went for the important staples – Massaman Curry and Pad Thai – knowing that as long as these dishes were strong, this place was a win. The flavor and presentation met our highest expectations and we devoured every bite. The Tom Yum, an incredible sweet and sour soup concocted from shrimp, lemongrass, lime juice and more, was not the umami overload I’ve come to expect, just perfectly sweet and sour. We threw in a tasty Thai Beef Salad with light and tangy dressing. The cuisine is super fresh and clean, brimming with cilantro, Thai basil, and chilis.

The daily lunch specials are a good call and a crazy bargain. Choose a soup (Tom Yum or a traditional Thai Coconut Soup with chicken, an appetizer (spring rolls, dumplings or salad) and an entree, so much food for just $10 to $14. Now if they’d only deliver!

4 Water Street, Chester

Open Monday through Saturday for lunch, dinner and take-out.
Call for take-out (860) 322-4545
Or place an order online:

Thai Beef Salad
massaman curry
Massaman Curry
Coconut Soup and Spring Rolls
pad thai
Pad Thai