The Choo Choo Lounge at Saybrook Point Resort & Marina

Somehow I missed the opening of the Choo Choo Lounge in the Saybrook Point Inn. I’ve long complained that there aren’t enough cocktail lounges around here with live music, and the cocktail Gods were listening. This speakeasy space was reimagined from guest rooms on the first floor, and you’ll find it right off the lobby. A zinc bar runs down one side, tables fill the rest, and you’ll find cozy couches and armchairs lining the walls – lovely for more intimate chats! Currently, the menu is Fresh Salt’s, which means there’s something for everyone, from the yummy clam chowder (one of my go-to’s) to a plethora of salads, mains, and sandwiches. Not sure what’s gotten into me lately (low iron??), but I’ve been craving burgers, and theirs is spot-on, which we happily chowed with house-made chips and (we couldn’t help ourselves) an order of those crazy truffle fries. The lights are dim, the service is highly attentive, and there’s a lineup of live music every Thursday and Friday night. And, get this, couples actually got up and danced! If it’s been a while since you’ve donned your dancing shoes, head here for the Meadows Brothers this Thursday, March 24th. Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4:30 on.


Photo By: Saybrook Point/Fresh Salt