The Curry Queen Open Her Doors in Old Saybrook


We’ve had our eye on The Curry Queen for some time, so once we heard it was open for take-out, we raced over. This completely renovated space is tucked away by the Stop and Shop plaza in Old Saybrook. After a smooth online order, we happily sampled our way through some not-so-adventurous basics like Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryani, Veggie Pakora, and Vegetarian Samosas which were all fresh, tasty, and traditional. We’re crazy for the chutneys, too, a duo of bright, side sauces made both from mint/coriander and tamarind/dates. Next time, we’ll explore the extensive menu of lentils, daal, legumes, and curries. Open daily from 11am – 9pm, you’ll find well-priced lunch specials and authentic dinners both vegetarian and non.

In the very near future, The Curry Queen will offer a full-service dining room in the adjacent space and will stock prepared dishes in the refrigerated section of the takeout shop. We’re delighted to have more Indian food here on the shoreline.

93 Elm Street, Old Saybrook